Fix Freddie!  was created by PuppetSoup in collaboration with Paediatric Doctors from Connecting Care for ChildrenImperial College Healthcare NHS Trust with help from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.


PuppetSoup wanted to create a piece of puppet theatre that would positively impact healthcare, the NHS and young people.  After searching for a collaborator they were introduced to Dr Francesca Cleugh of Connecting Care for Children.   They identified an area for initial collaboration and PuppetSoup went on to write Fix Freddie!  and Dr Cleugh organised the initial tour of Fix Freddie! shows and events.  The show has been directed by Dr Cariad Astles, head of Puppetry at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.  In addition to direction from Cariad, Royal Central has provided a talented team of theatre makers to help make Fix Freddie! come to life.

Dr Cleugh is one of the lead consultants for “Connecting Care for Children”, a new innovative model of child health currently being piloted across North West London by local Clinical Commissioning Groups and Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.  It aims to keep children healthy by working in partnership with families and communities.  It does this by improving the connections between communities, their local GPs, health visitors, school nurses and other community health professionals as well as specialists in the hospital.

While looking for ways to work closely with local communities and to better understand the choices families make when their children are ill, Dr Cleugh met PuppetSoup. They have collaborated to create Fix Freddie! to try to help families feel confident about what to do and where to go when they are worried or when their children are ill.

Together and in association with local community healthcare professionals and schools, the upcoming events have been organised. Children, young people, families and carers will have the opportunity to see a fun new piece of professional puppet theatre for free in their local communities. After the show audiences will be able to engage with fun workshops and meet local healthcare experts to discuss child health in an informal setting.

We hope that through Fix Freddie! audiences will be more enabled to make informed, confident decisions about their child healthcare options, feel more engaged with medical science and feel better connected to their local health services.

Cast, Crew and Credits

  • Script and concept by PuppetSoup
  • In association with and advised by Doctor Francesca Cleugh of Connecting Care for Children
  • Directed by Doctor Cariad Astles of Royal Central School of Speech and Drama
  • Puppetry, puppets and props by Fagner Gastaldon and Cass Gastaldon
  • Designed by Ana Maio and PuppetSoup
  • Production by Cass Gastaldon, Richard Semmens and Fagner Gastaldon
  • Sound design by Sam Smith
  • Lighting design and stage lighting by Norvydas Genys
  • Costumes and puppet costumes by Alida Bratengeier
  • Original artwork by Ana Maio
  • Animation by Norvydas Genys
  • Web design by Richard Semmens
  • Photography by Paul William Craddock

With special thanks to: