Fix Freddie!

 It’s Freddie’s birthday and Freddie is very busy playing in his rocket ship trying to get to the moon!   Granny wants Freddie to get ready for his birthday party but Freddie wants to stay outside and play…


When Granny goes for a sleep Freddie discovers a new best friend; Robodog! But will RoboDog know what to do when accident prone Freddie gets sick?! Come on an adventure with us to find out how to Fix Freddie!


Fix Freddie! is a new piece of puppet theatre devised by PuppetSoup with advice and guidance from local paediatricians and other health professionals. It is designed to engage children and families in an exciting and fun way to explore different child health choices with local experts.


Running time of Fix Freddie! is about 30 minutes and will be followed by After Show Events when there will be opportunities to meet local experts to discuss child health in a relaxed and fun environment.

Please note that there are flashing lights in the production, however there are no strobes.
Fix Freddie Promoters Tool Kit